About Us

      Vinie Lee Boutique provides polished upscale fashion for the curvy woman. Our collections will complement your femininity and let your inner-beauty shine bright.  Vinie Lee Boutique takes away the frustration of finding fashionable outfits that are classy with trendy appeal.   We find pieces that can be interchangeable with something that you may have in your closet or can stand alone.  My name is Therese Henderson and I’m the owner of Vinie Lee Boutique.  I started Vinine Lee because I felt that there was not enough classy but trendy fashion for the curvy women.  

      I worked in retail for over 20 years then switched over to automotive manufacturing.  The transition was a difficult one for me, but after some time I had gotten use to my new life changing situation.  Except there was one thing that had me feeling down.  I was missing being able to go to my closet and decide what outfit I was going to wear for the day.  To me a great outfit will set the tone for my whole day.  I was no longer able to wear whatever I wanted too.  I was restricted to wearing jeans and a t-shirt.  Not that there's anything wrong with that look it’s just that look was not for me.  It was not anything that I enjoy wearing. 

     I missed getting dressed and changing the atmosphere wherever I went.  I was able to get dressed on my days off but that was only one day a week at the time.  So I did the best next thing I could: I encouraged my sisterhood to allow me to set their outfits for their daily needs.  Then eventually I reworked their wardrobe all together.  When word spread around people were asking me to restyle their wardrobe.

     Going through most of the ladies closet I started to notice a theme.  They all had lots of old trendy pieces but were missing the key items that every wardrobe should have.  We all want to have trendy items but there should be a balance that shows off your own interbeauty as well.  We can get lost in trying to keep up with the trends that change daily to where we will have a bunch of pieces that we only wear once then will never wear again.  

     It's like what my granny Vinie Lee Parker used to tell me, “ Just cause they make it in your size does not mean that you have to wear it.  Make fashion work for you, not you trying to fit into fashion.”  Her saying that has stuck with me and changed the way I looked at fashion.  

                                   Yes!  We want to look trendy. 

                                   Yes!  We want to look classy.  

                                   Yes!  We want to look timeless.

     So when I realized that there were other women out there that felt the same frustration as my sisterhood and I with trying to stay trendy, classy, and timeless. I put together a collection of fashionable interchangeable pieces that can help redefine your wardrobe and let your inner beauty shine.